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Tiger Leap car shipping company processes are as follows:

maybe you are a regular customer, due to work or other reasons to a place to live. Or maybe you want to during the holidays when go to vast prairies to play with my friends. Maybe you're a dealer, you need to ship your goods between stores throughout the country. Professional? You can rely on? Insurance on it? Is it safe? Company's trustworthiness what? This series of questions are you a car shipping company and naturally some concerns before first contact! Now, we with most has persuaded; Tiger jump car checked limited force of way discourage you of concerns:

1. confirmed shipped vehicles and accept locations Hou both signed set transport agreement

2. we will fax to you car supporting insurance AWB photocopies

3. we will fax to you of checked car delegate authorized book (driver name phone ID book photocopies license photocopies)

4. Customer according to car checked authorized book check driver identity Hou into mention car link

5. we will full check acceptance was delegate vehicles and fill in acceptance documents

6. began vehicles of transport process, we will daily to electric you report vehicles in way of situation (via locations and commodity car of situation)

7. vehicles will arrived Shi we of driver will by you provides of way and received car people made contact and determine received car of detailed time locations

8. After you accept the vehicle, please be sure to check the condition of the vehicle in good condition or in line before shipment.

9. Please fill out the delivery confirmation and signature.

10. deliver your freight payment to our drivers. (Tiger Leap car shipping company limited transport when the invoice will be shipped by express mail to your designated address and sent before the arrival of the vehicle)

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