Car shipping benefit from RFID automatic identification technology

car shipping companies facing problems is one of the many growing companies encounter, business document processes, Office, work, collaboration, knowledge management systems, and business processes. The system led to the company's operation, staff work from the complicated to the simple, efficiency is improved.

    while, as warehouse, and distribution, and transport in national more than 20 more than provinces has service network of express integration enterprise, thanks Yu RFID automatically recognition technology, and barcode technology, and electronic data exchange, and mobile handheld Terminal technology of continued development, through and computer systems combined eventually building out integrated logistics information processing platform, full achieved Express items information of is entry, and full shared; for user provides full real-time dynamic track query ; Realization of processing information, health, quality of business operations systems monitoring and management, while providing managers at all levels with real, effective and timely management information and decision support, to support the rapid development of business.

   , however, for most small courier companies, due to small scale, strong financial strength not often unable to establish a complete information service platform covering front running to the background, then we need a set of the information system for small and medium enterprises to begin.


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