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Maersk decline over 30%, so hang Oriental overseas decline Super 70%, CMA CGM loss of 30 million dollars, Cosco shipping total losses of nearly 14 billion yuan. "A shipping industry securities analysts said, can only be described as pessimistic at the moment is to put on the shipping company annual reports.

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last year, shipping almost reproduce the malaise in the crisis situation. Container freight rates fell by an average of up to 11.5%,BDI on February 3, 647 points throughout January plunged 62.5%, a record low. According to the head of the Qingdao car shipping forecast, global shipping company collective losses could be as high as $ 20 billion.

March 22, poly deal head said: "Qian years international shipping market hot, attract has large social capital and financial capital into, raised a round and a round shipbuilding boom, this led to capacity growth far above market needs growth, again plus for international financial crisis effect, part planned in 2009 and 2010 delivered of new ship was postponed to 2011 and the yihou delivered, more increased has shipping market of supply and demand imbalance. Meanwhile, financing costs, crew wages, fuel costs and other operating costs have risen substantially, shipping company benefits fall sharply, a considerable number of companies this year may be at stake. "

Ningbo Railway Express in expert also pointed out that this year will be shipping a more difficult year, if shipping companies do not take remedial actions, authorities do not take effective policy, a large number of shipping companies or the brink of bankruptcy.

losses flared

March-April is a concentrated release of annual reports of listed companies in the world, and look forward to feeling different in other industries, shipping companies seem to be filled with a chill at the outset of the gas.

first to announce results of NOL, loss of 478 million dollars last year, compared with the 2010 $ 461 million profit, the profit situation to loss, loss of $ 320 million last quarter alone. NOL Chairman Edgar Cheng said last year was the most miserable year for container transport history. Chief Executive Officer Wu Yisong said: "disappointing for container transport, excess capacity and high oil prices brought negative impact to the company. "

followed by the Maersk Group announce annual results on February 27, its $ 60.2 billion in revenue last year, $ 3.377 billion in net profit, up by 33%. Among them, the container business lost $ 600 million in 2010 and profit of us $ 2.7 billion. Maersk shipping official says last year's container shipping freight rates fell 8% and combined impact of marine oil prices 35%, container business in 2010, profits fell sharply. Meanwhile, Maersk's tanker business lost $ 150 million.

Pacific announce annual results on March 1, its annual turnover last year of us $ 1.342 billion, net profit of 32 million dollars, down 69.34%. Pacific said the decline last year mainly due to a small handymax and handymax dry bulk freight market income poor. Small handymax dry bulk cash rent during the year has been falling in a narrow range, average daily rent of $ 10025, down 36%. Ultra handymax dry bulk average rents fell 36% to $ 13680.

OOCL announced on March 12 last year, its revenue fell 0.4% to $ 6.012 billion 90.27% more per cent plunge in net profit to $ 182 million. OOCL directors said that because of the deteriorating operating environment in the second half of last year, freight continued to slide, coupled with high fuel prices, making sharp eroding corporate profits.

CMA CGM said on March 7 that, last year, excluding interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization and other factors, income is only us $ 711 million, compared to 2010 of $ 2.5 billion, fell 72%, while its net profit loss of 30 million dollars, compared to 2010 net profit of $ 1.6 billion, down up to 102%. CMA CGM said last year's excess capacity, oil prices soaring, up 34% per tonne, which is the main cause of performance loss.

CSCL report annual results on March 29, achieved revenues of 282.8 Yuan last year, down 18.8%, after deducting the non-recurring profit and loss net loss of 2.87 billion yuan, down 172.76%.

China Cosco posted March 30 an annual performance, last year reported revenue of 68.908 billion yuan, down 12.3%, for a loss of 10.9 billion yuan in net profit. It is learned that the Chinese ocean-going to the huge loss of 13.828 billion yuan, after Eastern Airlines in 2008, huge losses, and shares the second-largest loss in history.

in addition to the well-known enterprises, Korea STX Marine has recently published, cumulative loss of $ 18.7 million last year.

self-help way

sharp drop in performance, huge losses and a difficult market environment, forcing the major shipping companies to choose from a variety of means, widen the way in pursuit of living space.

CMA CGM is selling its non-strategic assets, strengthening capacity of assets and liabilities, Turkey IL Group issued US $ 500 million convertible bond valuation and growth both dollar and euro bonds issued by, a total of 945 million dollars. In business, CMA CGM shipping cooperation, with the Eastern Mediterranean partnership operations Asia-shipping routes in Northern Europe and South America, partnership with the Maersk shipping operations Asia-Eastern Mediterranean route, HNA Adriatic and the black sea routes. In addition, the CMA CGM ship or are trying to implement cost reduction plans, is expected to save $ 400 million this year, and reduced Charter rate, this year is expected to reduce operating costs of $ 80 million.

Pacific said, through optimized freighter fleet, and continued to promote the efficiency of business operations, reliability and professionalism to achieve the sustainable growth of the business. Their new investments this year continued to focus on expanding its own fleet, expand the scale of business and take measures to improve the operations of marine systems and the development of new programs. These initiatives will significantly improve the efficiency of enterprises, enhance existing team management more cargo capacity and to improve the quality of customer service.

in China, following the COSCO Group last year, speeding consolidation after the dry bulk business, CSCL is also under dry-bulk asset consolidation and on the road to professional integration. On February 1, the China shipping group, China shipping development company limited said in a statement, the company proposed to Guangzhou Nansha, Yangshan set up two wholly owned subsidiaries, responsible respectively for professional operation of dry bulk cargo and oil transportation operations, and the company's dry bulk carriers and oil tankers operations and assets gradually into each of the two subsidiaries. Said the sluggish shipping market in the short term and twisted, dry bulk shipping integration in business at this time, is intended to improve the efficiency of decision-making and the ability to negotiate, form a quick market response. In addition, the subsidiary of CSCL also announced this year and COSCON through routes, equipment and extensive cooperation in other areas to enhance both quality of service and to provide customers with better service.

Grand China logistics towards the air and sea transport after complementary and scale of recent reduced marine strategy and strongly into COA contract. Grand one Executive said: "Europe's debt crisis may be more influential than the financial crisis in 2008 and lasted longer, but two crises now added together. In this case, we judge this year and even 2013 sluggish shipping market will continue, and planned strategic shrinkage maritime operations for the time being. "

in addition, big Xinhua logistics constantly optimization industry structure, integration its express, and warehouse and the related service company, established speed shipped group, and will last year May 26 made of third party paid licence injected new group, formed has "sea land empty transport + e-commerce + third party paid" of logistics integrated service system, this actual combined of "big logistics" mode, effective save has social cost, reasonable configuration has resources. Insiders said that Grand China logistics and third party payment brands "new payment" will help reduce the risk of Grand China logistics management, improving capital efficiency. Next, move the group will focus on the power industry, providing resources for a large trading center optimization solutions. The situation is more complex this year, says a senior Grand China logistics, Grand China logistics integration of all business into three segments: the speed of land, sea, and equipment manufacturing, unity of command, to strengthen management and enhance efficiency.

one industry expert said that in the case of a market downturn, with nearly half of the shipping companies formed an Alliance, hold together for warmth solve the problem of excess capacity, while other shipping business may have diversified businesses to avoid risks and realize "East, it is light in the West" goal.

in addition, from the Government's support will also help the shipping industry out of trouble. He Jianzhong, the Ministry of transport is working with related departments to study policies and measures to revitalize the shipping industry, including shipping companies and shippers to enter into risk-sharing contracts, and actively encourage and support members of the shipping merger and reorganization of enterprises, standardize owner, such as investment in the shipping industry, enabling shipping companies ride out the storm.


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