GOME's logistics mode of Qingdao inspired car shipping

  as a national retail chain with excellent competitive company, Gome's "effectiveness first" business philosophy, relying on accurate market positioning and innovative business strategies from time to time, leading consumer trends, for the effectiveness of consumer characteristics, diversification, GOME brand lost international broad consumer likes. GOME has not only significantly profitable product category, contact, and there is a continuing one-stop shopping to one-stop effect to stop low price guarantee to provide consumers with better comfort effect, strengthening the commodity and consumer penetration into a great experience elements.

   in recent years, the company optimized stores Internet and offline sales, qualify for the ERP system, measures such as the complete supply chain of seamless, improve operational efficiency, in the process of adding products through this money, ensures the product's low price offers. Meanwhile, Gome's new Museum set in high-end stores, completed international home appliance retailing by traditional bar shows transformation of interactive shopping experience to consumers. &Nbsp;   online store of GOME logistics set up the system with new conservative 25 two or three-tier distribution effect of you, which included Jiangmen, Guangdong, 8 second tier cities, become your logistics and distribution range of e-commerce companies. &Nbsp;  

    establishment of country logistics system is set up in the optimization of supply chain based on establishing a logistics system of the whole industrial chain, the whole process. Distribution radiation RADIUS, speed of delivery, delivery skills, and so on, exceptions do most of the industry. With the ERP system, logistics and finished with "capital flow, information flow, the effectiveness of flow" four in one, to ensure delivery of one or two markets to households are not left out, demonstrated a "centralized management and decentralized operations, inventory sharing, distribution of the whole, normative force, all accounts" corporate philosophy. Official said, the retailer's online store relies on brand impact, market size of core competitiveness, an immediate unilateral preemptive international home appliance and consumer electronics online shopping market, which leads the international power grids the new format of the online market, and will become the first international home appliance and consumer electronics online shopping platform to enhance my own competition to the plenary of the national grid to buy range.


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