Heavy trucks with the advantage to meet the South American market demand in China

including the world's sixth-largest economy in Brazil, the South American countries in recent years has maintained a strong demand for infrastructure. In South America, Ecuador, and Brazil is a heavy truck demand country, Mexico, and Colombia, and Venezuela's heavy truck demand is rapidly increasing, is the battleground of many heavy trucks brand at home and abroad.

from Mexico recently reported that, according to the world organization data show that because Mexico reduced demand in the domestic market, used heavy trucks increased imports, leading Brazil over Mexico, become the region's largest producers of heavy-duty trucks.

domestic heavy trucks for export overseas

according to the data of the Organization in 2013, Mexico produced a total of 141,458 units of heavy trucks, rose 1.1%, sixth in the world. Meanwhile, Brazil produced 190,304 vehicles, an increase of 43%, ranking Nineth place to fourth place in the world. Concerned that, with Brazil the gap between, mainly driven by Mexico used heavy duty truck import effect in 2013, Mexico imported 19,823, rose 70%, many users believe that the United States imported used more simple than to buy a new car. Mexico 75% in the production of heavy trucks for export, the main export destination countries for the United States and Colombia.

it is learnt that, due to local road conditions were not very good, damage to the tire is very large, requiring tire wear-resistant, durable, and of heavy truck products is particularly popular with large horsepower engine, above the minimum requirement of 350 horsepower.

worth noting is that in recent years, the South American country are particularly interested in China's heavy truck. China heavy truck products with their own advantages, fully able to meet the unique needs of South American market, therefore, the export volume gradually improving in South America.

in May 2010, China National heavy duty truck group, one of the first 500 HOWO-A7 tractor in the Qingdao port shipments, this is China's first large quantities to Venezuela exports heavy trucks in 2012, hualing heavy truck exports South America 42% heavy truck sales compared with the previous year; in June 2013, Anhui jianghuai automobile company limited exporting Venezuela card 590 vehicles. You can imagine, with the development of South America, China heavy truck enterprises continue to exceed, China heavy truck in South America to grab a bigger share of the market. Wear resistance, resistance, high-powered product has become the South American market, "red".

Brazil is a party to the GATT, in recent years, Brazil has adopted new economic policies of the Government, gradually opening up the market and introduction of equipment to expand exports, with a view to revitalizing Brazil's economy. Especially in the automotive industry by 1996 under the stimulus of tax cuts and canceled the import ban again flourished. Has become Brazil's pillar industries.


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