Intelligent information has become a general trend of modern logistics development

the future development of intelligent logistics will reflected several main characteristics: intelligent logistics, integrated logistics and logistics level, flexible logistics and logistics socialization. From "China", "smarter planet" to "smart logistics", the rapid increase in information technology and the ever-expanding range of applications and progressively affects China all walks of life. China marked information in integration of intelligent logistics and supply chain network and China entered a new stage in the regulatory process, which entered a dynamic new phase of choice and control, real-time management.

smart scale of logistics industry

in traditional logistics and transport, type and risk of transport and logistics in the transport and movement as well as logistics services, affect the cost and quality of logistics and transport. Intelligent logistics using integrated technology, the logistics system to imitate human intelligence, mind, perception, learning, reasoning, judgment and ability to solve certain problems in logistics.

by 2015, intelligent formation of core technical logistics in China industrial scale up to 200 billion yuan. It is reported that intelligent logistics "Twelve-Five" planning the forthcoming, intelligent logistics based on their actual level of positioning and customer demand for intelligent logistics information, international logistics information development direction in the future.

intelligent logistics in the future development direction of

the future development of intelligent logistics will reflected several main characteristics: intelligent logistics, integrated logistics and logistics level, flexible logistics and logistics socialization. Its main performance: intelligent process of operation of a large number of operations research and decision intelligently; to logistics management as the core, achieved during the process of logistics, transport, storage, packaging, handling and other aspects of the integration and hierarchical intelligent logistics system; the development of intelligent logistics will become more prominent "customer-centric" philosophy. Development of intelligent logistics will contribute to regional economic development and the optimal allocation of global resources, logistics of high technology and information technology.

How can logistics development in the future? logistics enterprise on the one hand through the informatization of logistics resources optimization and effective distribution to reduce logistics costs on the other, to strengthen management and improve efficiency in the logistics process in order to improve the quality of logistics services. However, with the rapid development of logistics, logistics processes more complex, optimization of logistics resources configuration and management also increased the difficulty of material in the joint operation and management of all aspects of the process of circulation is more important and more complex. Traditional logistics enterprises in China still relatively low level of information management to achieve efficiency of logistics organization and management methods to enhance and hinder the development of logistics. To achieve the long-term development of the logistics industry, it is necessary to realize the informatization of logistics enterprises in the entire logistics network, intelligent and, therefore, develop intelligent logistics becomes inevitable.

intelligent logistics in the real application of

a logistics company on the individual delivery vehicles are equipped with GPS positioning system and RFID chips embedded in packaging each package through chips, logistics companies and customers can learn the location of your cargo and the environment from the network. While in the transportation logistics company according to customer's requirements, make timely adjustments to goods, allocation, and real-time monitored goods, prevention of logistics lost, sent by mistake, optimizing logistics and transport routes, reduce intermediate links, and reduce transit times. By chips on the cargo, loaded automatically collects information, discharge examination, with embedded RFID Tray, after reading the passage, placed into the shelves with a reading device, information is automatically recorded in the information system to achieve precise positioning, shortens the time operation, improve operational efficiency, ultimately reducing logistics costs. Use of intelligent logistics technology, combined with effective management, the logistics company in the whole logistics process, real-time control of the goods, the effective allocation of resources, so as to provide efficient and accurate service.

through logistics case mentioned above, we can see, new technologies make the whole supply chain transparent. Through intelligent logistics, logistics and warehouse management is efficient, accurate, logistics and manpower savings. High grade logistics warehouse, even apart from the entrance close inspection personnel, logistics and warehouse "unmanned" fully automated operation, warehouse arrangements only monitors in front of a computer screen.

intelligent logistics and supply chain effects of

intelligent processing technology application in internal decision making, through a great deal of logistics data analysis, demand for logistics, inventory, logistics and intelligence simulation decisions. Logistics management automation (get data, automatic classification, and so on), logistics operations efficient and convenient to change China logistics enterprises "coolies" the image of the company.

intelligent logistics can reduce logistics costs. Logistics logistics intelligent acquisition technique from passive to active, active access to information in the logistics process, actively monitor transport and goods, proactive analysis of logistics information logistics from the headwaters, is tracking and management, implement information flow faster than the physical flow.

intelligent transmission technology applied to logistics enterprises, may also access external data transfer function. Development trend of intelligent logistics is the management of the entire supply chain intelligence, therefore need to implement data exchange and transfer. Improve service quality and to speed up response time, increase customer satisfaction, logistics and supply chain integration more closely.

intelligent technology in logistics management optimization, forecasting, decision support, modeling and simulation, global logistics management applications, logistics decision-making more accurately and scientifically. Easterly by intelligent logistics, logistic enterprises in China to a new level, information-sharing situations but also to promote the logistics industry.

social development of intelligent logistics advance

intelligence innovative applications of new technologies in the logistics field patterns emerge, become the basis for the future development of intelligent logistics, greatly promoted the development of the industry. Intelligent logistics concept to broaden the vision of the logistics industry, the rapid development of modern information and management technology introduced into the industry, its development and promoting the change of China's logistics industry.

as China's logistics industry pioneer of intelligent logistics, standing in the forefront of the industry, with a keen sense of smell, grasp the direction of development of the logistics industry, through the construction of logistics information platform, the first realization of logistics information, the pilot at the helm for the logistics industry, comprehensive greet the arrival of intelligent logistics.


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