Logistics cost break SMEs suffering statement

car shipping staff, Qingdao has done a survey, when more and more of the potential of the weak economic performance, high cost and poor benefits issues facing the logistics become more and more serious, many small and medium sized logistics enterprises showed a severe stress.

    in the third quarter of this year China's Logistics General Logistics business fell sharply, high logistics costs, fierce competition and other issues, said the head of Qingdao logistics company "business is bad now, the company is trying to cut spending. "

    at present, logistics enterprises and bad, between two cars, a House, a couple of people, logistics companies, and keep the price down, and pressure other logistics enterprises ' profit margins. Qingdao cars checked under labor, rent and other costs rising, nobody dares to prices. Low-end competition squeezed the small logistics enterprises to grow. Orderly and healthy environment, SMEs in the "winter" can be more strong. Margin, logistics company guarantees each other ... ... In order to standardize logistics competition, I linyi in the province and other places have made a lot of efforts, but also needs to further improve the market competition order. Local small and medium enterprises, individuals, wholesale, logistics companies can be said to be the parents of their difficult business, logistics companies to escape the effects of nature.

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