Shipments of hazardous chemicals leakage accident

shipper party misrepresented as bio-fuel 4 9 people poisoning seriously

yesterday, licheng district, Jinan City work safety supervision Bureau has notified hazardous chemicals leakage accident, 18th, guodianzhen Jia JI express warehouse in licheng district, two barrels of aniline in the loading and unloading process leaks, resulting in 9 workers in benzene poisoning, 4 were observed in the intensive care unit, 5 were under observation at the hospital, doctors poisoning people's condition is stable and not life-threatening.

workers ' memories

has just opened the truck door

a pungent smell

yesterday morning, reporters rushed to the provincial hospital emergency department, met in the emergency observation room 5 of poisoning workers under observation at the hospital. Ward, 1th bed Mr Wei is better hospital checks after doctors ordered him to rest. Mr Wei introduced, took place on 18th, will a van unloaded, about a dozen people together.

he remembers that the door was opened, they found abnormal, a pungent smell in the air, checked, is a barrel inscribed "oil" drum leakage, outflow of liquid from the barrel, working group leader reported to the leaders, followed by workers cleaning the leakage of liquid and moved on other cars unloading goods. According to Mr LEE, 5th bed introduces, after you move the cargo, some of us feel dizzy and sick, some fingernails appear purple, colleagues suspected was poisoning.

site visit

barrels are no danger signs, packaging marked heat-conducting oil

, 11th beds recalled Wang Zaiping, didn't see barrels don't have any toxic hazard symbols, is a pungent smell. Begins and nothing unusual reactions, workers were busy unloading did not pay much attention, and there is no protective measures. Home feel a little dizzy, and subsequently received a unit leader calls and says that discharge workers showed up with symptoms of poisoning, he also went to the hospital.

"characteristics of patients poisoned obviously, purple lips, fingers and skin obviously, after checking is benzene poisoning. "Provincial occupational poisoning in hospital emergency Center Director Zhang Xingguo introduced, aniline is toxic hazardous chemicals. Received total 9 patients in the hospital, including 4 more serious illness, into the emergency intensive care units, King 5 were milder in equality, in the observation room of emergency department. After the treatment, at present 9 people's condition has been stable and not life-threatening.

Xinhua learned from the scene, warehouse yard remaining leaks traces of liquid being cleaned. Residual traces of grease and covered with soil. A staff member told reporters that spill the goods package marking is heat-conducting oil.


lied about bio-fuels, the shipper will be subject to legal action

yesterday morning, licheng district, informed the Bureau about the results of the latest survey. According to reports, July 18 14:30, Jinan jiaji express limited carrying a goods that shipped from Zhengzhou, Henan province, Zibo, Shandong, including drum 10. During the process of cargo handling, forklifts 2 barrels of goods fork broke, resulting in leakage. As far as I understand, the shipper intentionally concealed cargoes, "aniline" toxic and dangerous chemicals, as bio-fuel shipment.

at present, the public security organ has to control the people, the next step will be in accordance with the production safety accident report and survey processing Ordinance Survey Group and dealt with according to law. Presented by the safety supervision of dangerous chemicals in Jinan City, in this case, cargo shipper intentionally concealing the chemical situation, violations of the regulations on the safety management of dangerous chemicals, will be prosecuted by law.


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