Wenzhou six major initiatives to promote TSA-transport logistics

recently, the TSA, Wenzhou held some Office 2014 focus seminars. Wu Guangfu Secretary listened to the Logistics Department of the City Office reports and reviews the work of the Logistics Department, raised new hopes and demands, want to catch highlights of the Logistics Department, grasping characteristics in order to catch up with the development of new ideas, new initiatives, first to excellence, positive energy to play. Developing Wenzhou modern logistics industry to improve the investment environment, optimizing industrial structure, catch up with developments, glory is important. Thus, according to Wu Guangfu Director of logistics work of the spirit, in safety supervision of transport of dangerous goods, general cargo market standard at the same time, highlight the focus of logistics development, undertake six initiatives, do well the logistics work.

one is the General argument, logistics development plan

proposed municipal Committee of the six plenary session this year to implement the "510 industry promotion project", explicitly modern logistics industry focused development as one of the top ten emerging industries in the city. According to the construction of transport logistics in Zhejiang Province three years (2013-2015) and provinces 2014 action plan focused on the Organization of work involved in making municipal government "of modern logistics industry development scheme (2014-2020)", further refinement in the future municipal road logistics industry development, supporting policy, supporting measures.

second is to strengthen guidance, increase the intensity of logistics

based on logistics industry development in Wenzhou City strategy and planning your deployment, increase provincial panqiao Logistics Park logistics base-Yu Logistics Center City logistic base of financial support, actively declare Wenzhou modern cold chain logistics center city logistic base. Meanwhile, according to the layout of six major logistics base in Wenzhou, urge the construction progress, secure Logistics Park early and put into use.

third, support, grasp the leading logistics enterprises foster

development of leading enterprises in fostering conditions and standards, guide logistics enterprises to increase investment and improve management and technology. Meanwhile, transport, stations and in different business areas such as integrated, classification of preferred development potential of enterprises, efforts to promote the transformation of traditional transportation to modern logistics, real group of core competence's cultivation model of modern logistics enterprise. In addition, in accordance with the urban distribution notice requirements for transport and traffic management, strengthening the system of urban and rural distribution network.

four is the sharing of resources, promoting the construction of logistics information system

based on State Department of transportation logistics information platform, pay special attention to promotion of logistics information software, accelerating logistics business information system and the National Ministry of transport logistics information system integration work, and strive to make 100% use logistics enterprises in Wenzhou logistics information management system handles the logistics business. Enhance in-vehicle GPS positioning system, RFID tag and barcode systems the application of new technologies, such as storage and transportation, and constantly promote information flow, and strive to realize resource sharing.

five is the cooperation between schools and enterprises, training logistics professionals

make full use of resources in local colleges in Wenzhou, Wenzhou University, Zhejiang Institute of industry and trade to cooperate, establish training bases, focusing on cultivating talents. Give full play to the role of industry associations, logistics through timely form of training and research, strengthen the training of logistics personnel. Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises, combined with human resource development, and increase the intensity of internal training and introducing talents, gradually changing logistics talent shortage situation.

six is strictly regulatory, ensure dangerous goods transport security

according to road dangerous goods transport management provides of requirements, implementation dangerous goods enterprise safety first responsibility people, strengthening dangerous goods enterprise internal management system construction, improve dangerous goods Enterprise electronic road single upload rate, completed GSP networking joint control, achieved dangerous goods enterprise of dynamic regulatory, guide dangerous goods enterprise carried out dangerous goods transport emergency plans of walkthrough, improve dangerous goods Enterprise burst event emergency disposal capacity.


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