Xiangfang logistics industry into a new economic development "engines"

a few days ago, with a total investment of 620 million yuan of business ethics international metals resumed construction of logistics parks, ongoing construction of the new railway, upon completion, will become the province's largest metal logistics park. It is learnt that in xiangfang district, the rise of the logistics industry in recent years, longyun, German metal top ten logistics for representative of logistics industrial cluster development, rapid economic development become xiangfang district of new "engine".

it is understood that, for the construction of a new industrial zone, xiangfang district, implementation of the optimization of the industrial structure, making full use of advantages, vigorously implement the strong logistics strategy, according to the "Government-led, market driven, radiation, Echelon extension" development ideas, big planning blueprint for the development of the logistics industry. At present, LW logistics for representative a reasonable layout, focused logistics industry firmly supports the xiangfang district of modern logistics enterprise "backbone". Which, LW logistics park is Ministry determine of 179 a national highway transport hub one of, planning construction integrated station, and distribution station, and warehouse station, and auto parts logistics station, and container station, 5 a function station and the Heilongjiang province logistics public information platform, project built Hou, stationed in Park enterprise business revenue about 1.5 billion yuan around, years throughput 5 million tons, increased employment more than 10,000 more than people; business de international metal Logistics Park main to metal circulation, and international trade, for main, Intends built national maximum of international metal processing business center, project built Hou, years sales total can up 25 billion yuan, has attract has including in the storage, and in the iron, more than 120 more than households steel business large enterprise and many financial institutions stationed in business; has part built input using of Harbin chemical logistics distribution center can formed liquid warehouse 37,000 tons, and methyl class dangerous goods 2400 tons, and c class dangerous goods 7200 tons of warehouse capacity, accommodate 400 households dangerous chemicals business enterprise stationed in business, For province within maximum of dangerous chemicals warehouse logistics center; total investment 800 million yuan of Harbin railway container Center station is national planning construction of 18 a container Center station one of, is province within only of container Center station, project built Hou, will formed years sent 2.4 million tons, and arrived 2.8 million tons of transport capacity, will has received sent 5000 tons whole column double container train of capacity, became Harbin inland Hong Kong, and became China Northeast North of hub center; Xiangfang district, Harbin grain Logistics Center annual grain volume of 2 million tons, will be built into a largest grain circulation market in Northeast North, break through the grain North South transport bottlenecks. In addition, CITIC logistics parks, wilderness xiangfang II industrial park, red Thunder logistics park in Harbin, the provincial peace steel processing and distribution center, Germany's cold chain logistics, Harbin, also plays an important role in the provinces in their respective fields. According to statistics, xiangfang district, currently a total of 2400 logistics enterprises, with a total investment of 35.7 billion yuan, boosting employment more than more than 30,000, xiangfang district's position as a key regional logistics centre in Harbin appeared gradually.

under the logistics industry strongly affects, xiangfang district's economic strength has been significantly improved. In 2011, gross 46.9 billion yuan, an increase of 12.7%, ranking the second place in the Center. Complete the district revenue reached 1.33 billion yuan, an increase of 25.3%, ranking first in the central urban area, representing nearly twice times the district was first established. Fixed assets investment of 34.9 billion yuan, an increase of 31.3%, ranking first in the central urban area.


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