Xinjiang Alashankou port railway station this year export volume growth from a year earlier to 3.6%

Urumqi railway Bureau said 15th export transportation has completed China's Alashankou railway crossings this year 2.008 million tons, up 3.6% from a year earlier.

since the international financial crisis, with the overseas enterprises in Eastern China export trade setback, many companies are attempting to move to open up Central Asian export markets in the West, Alataw pass as the second largest railway port in China, export volume increased, becoming an important channel for Chinese goods to Central Asia. In 2011, the Alashankou railway port implemented 15.16 million tons, with export volume reached 5.594 million tons, ranking similar port first.

this year, by optimizing the port station of Urumqi railway Bureau export production and organizational processes, according to the Qingdao car shipping learn to establish proper intersectoral collaboration mechanisms and other means, export cars category optimization, time compression, ensure daily production plan to deliver such measures respond to realize export volume grew.

along with deepening in Central Xinjiang, Xinjiang's industrial base will be steadily enhanced, our export trade and will become more active, when Xinjiang railway merchandise exports in Central Asia, Xinjiang will become the main channel of the port.


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